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Get an appointment when you need it

We can work around your busy schedule. Whether you need your stove fixed or your dishwasher repaired, we can help with your washers, dryers or any other appliance when you are available.

Get flat rate microwave service from experts.


Find out if it can be repaired

Save money by finding out if your current microwave can be repaired before you take steps to purchase a new one. Rely on trained experts to inspect your microwave and trouble shoot it for you. Save yourself from potential harm and leave the work to the experts.


Know that we can help you make a decision about whether it's best to repair your current microwave or invest in a new model.

We will help you by:

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Prompt and fully insured microwave repair service. Flexible appointment scheduling available to meet your needs.

 •  Finding the cause of the issue

 •  Offering repair solutions

 •  Discussing replacement options

 •  Fixing the issue

 •  Telling you how to prevent future issues

You can receive:

 •  Fast and affordable service

 •  Help from a trained technician

 •  Flat service fee to save you money

 •  Helpful maintenance information

 •  Complete microwave repair services